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"music is the universal language of mankind"

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February 11th, 2007

08:36 pm - Margareta Pislaru (Margareta Paslaru)


A relatively obscure Romanian pop/folk musician. She has created a number of rare and interesting albums and worked in the film industry as an actor and as a score writer. She has a most wonderful voice and it can barely be expressed in a few words. Her style and panache needs to be heard and enjoyed.

Cu Tine
Cum E Oare
De Ce De Ce De Ce
Doua Rindunici
In Apa Marii
Inima-I Un Telefon
Ale Tale
Balanta Inimii
Cine Stie
Il Ballo Del Mattone
Quando C'e La Luna Piena
Il Pullover
Doua Rindunici (alternate)
Ochii Tai
E Miraculous
Just Once More
Little Devil
Big Deal
All My Lovin'
Chemarea Marii
Guarda Che Luna
Mandolina Mea
Quien Sera

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February 6th, 2007

07:49 pm - Flute & Voice - Hallo Rabbit (German Psych Folk 1972)
The Flute is Hans Reffert and the Voice is Hans Brandeis. Together, they combine to make a most beautiful sound and a great album with this album here.

I'm sitting here and listening to the second song called "Fairies" and as soon as the singing pauses and there's a slight lull, I feel like I'm about to drift away and then suddenly, the flute comes in and takes me away more quickly than the soft picks on the cords. It's absolutely amazing.

When the two met, they were witnessing a wonderful Indian Sitar performance and that's when it clicked. They picked up plenty of inspiration from Indian music, but that's not really where a large portion came. They also had plenty of influences in the field of Jazz music along with a large folk inspiration.

This album is ripped at 192 mp3.
The title is Hallo Rabbit

Natural Feeling
Hallo Rabbit
Scottish Rock
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Strike Another Match

Seven amazing songs that seem to flow together in perfection. This album is a must have for anyone remotely interested in folk music.


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February 2nd, 2007

07:05 pm - Pesnyary - Pesnyary Psych Folk from Russia 1974
Not less than nine piece band, they combined rock and folk music in a way no one did before.

The first Pesnyary recordings date back to 1969 (now some are available on compilation CD's issued in 1996). These were the cover versions of the Beatles with Russian lyrics. (Think that every Soviet Union band passed such "Beatles cover versions" period in the beginning of the career).

But it didn't take long for Pesnyary to develop their own, absolutely unique sound. Not less than nine piece band, they combined rock and folk music in a way no one did before. Bjelorussian folk is a specific music, very tender and melodical, filled with sorrow rather than with joy. Pesnyary didn't just make rock arrangements of folk songs, they developed and enriched these songs at the same time taking great care of the original passion and soul. One can find many elements of psychedelia in their earlier works and progressive moves in the later albums. All their LP's are highly recommended.

Sadly, the Soviet music officials were not sleeping... All the bands of the seventies had to include in their repertoire the songs by "official" writers and composers. But these tracks, moving to pop in style, in Pesnyary's versions became massive hits and are popular even nowadays.

All the band members were the top class players and the vocal group was exceptional. Using traditional folk instruments - horns, strings and others (don't know how are they called in English) combined with organ and electric guitar sometimes produced very psychedelic effect. The first, self titled LP saw the light of day in 1971 (by the way the second and third albums were as well self-titled, don't be confused!).

This is the second album. It was released in 1974.

Give it a whirl and lemme know what you think.


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January 31st, 2007

12:58 am - Trespassers William
i would like for everyone to check out a band called Trespassers William.
they're from Seattle, and have a sound very similar to Mazzy Star (did a great song in the 90's called "Fade Into You") and the Cowboy Junkies (did a great song on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack called "Sweet Jane".). amazing, AMAZING stuff.
for those of you unfamiliar with either band, their sound is very mellow, girl grunge, space country, ethereal ballad esque post break up stuff ;)

their myspace is here, and their website is here.

and here are some songs i have uploaded for you to take and enjoy :)

Different Stars
Let You Down
Vapour Trail
Lie in the Sound

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12:57 am - Geoffrey Oryema
Geoffrey Oryemamy next musical suggestion is Geoffrey Oryema. This is taken from his Biography:
Most artists have to pay their dues, but very few have to be smuggled out of their birth countries to avoid death on the way. But for Geoffrey Oryema, that was the only way to survive. Born in Uganda, he was the son of a civil servant who was a police chief and then a cabinet minister and from his father he learned the local folk music, as well as the nanga(the harp), in addition to studying Western music in school. However,these were dangerous times in the country, with the mad dictator Idi Amin in power, and in 1977, Oryema's father fell victim, being one of many who was murdered by the armed forces. Oryema knew he was likely to be killed soon, unless he got out. Thanks to friends, he was smuggled across the border to Kenya in the trunk of a car to safety. Or, rather, relative safety. He was in a place with no family or friends and began his wanderings, which saw him eventually making his way to Paris. This is where he settled down and started making music.

His music ranges from very upbeat Caribbean tribal dance music, to very haunting and mournful acoustic music. I first heard the song "Makambo" on the Pure Moods compilation CD when i was 15 years old, and since then, i have been in love with his music.
i hope you all enjoy his music as well :)

Land Of Anaka
Magical Stone
No Ballads Ballad
Exil (Dayrib) -featuring: Idir-

he has no official website, but he a myspace for those interested.

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January 11th, 2007

03:43 pm - Utopia - Utopia (1967 Pysch Blues Rock)

Track List:

I Just Want to Make Love to You
Young and Crazy
Who's This Man
Walking Blues
Working Man
On My Feet Again
Ain't No Reason
Hound Dog
I Wonder
Back-Stabbin' Woman

Utopia - Utopia 1967


Bitrate 320

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November 25th, 2006

01:29 pm
This should inspire you to get into the christmas spirit.


Eh, the album cover is in the zipped file.

1. Jingle Bells
2. White Christmas
3. Timothy The Tow Truck
4. Silver Bells
5. Don’t It Make You Wanna Be A Kid Again
6. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
7. Hee Haw Honey
8. Silent Night
9. Santa Fe Sam And Hobo Bill
10. Blue Christmas

Everyone should get into some good Christmas music by a good ole country hobo.

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November 4th, 2006

08:34 pm
Edwards Hand - Edwards Hand (1969) (UK Psych/Prog)

Beautiful and exact official vinyl reissue of the debut 1969 album by the UK duo of Rod Edwards (Jade and The Piccadilly Line) and Roger Hand (Piccadilly Line) Never before issued in the UK this is beautiful whimsical record of lush harmony pop rock with progressive/psych tinges. The music can perhaps be compared to the more orchestrated moments of Kaleidoscope and Fairfield Parlour and was produced by George Martin during time off from working on the White album. George contributed some stunning string arrangements to Edwards Hand. An undiscovered treasure of an album. Taken from the master tapes.

Roger Hand (vocals, guitar)
Rod Edwards (vocals, guitar, keyboards)



Banjo Pier
Friday Hill
Episodes, Being the First Part
Close My Eyes
House of Cards
If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind
Characters Number one
Orange Peel
Sing Along with the Singer
Magic Car
Days of Our Life

Quatrain - Quatrain (1969) (US Psych)

Reissue on CD of one and only album by this USA psychrock band originally released on the Tetragrammaton label in 1969

They were from L.A. with a line up consisting of drummer Jim Lekas, bassist Buff Lindsay, rhythm guitarist Eric Pease and lead guitarist Don Senneville. Quatrain was one of the first acts to sign with Bill Cosby's Tetragrammaton label.

Released in 1969, Quatrain teamed the band with David Briggs in the production/engineering role. With Lekas credited with the majority of the dozen songs (Lindsay and Senneville both contributing one effort), the collection offered up a decent mix of conventional hard rock ("Fragments" and "Early Morning Company") and modest psych-influenced numbers ("Unconquered Islands" and "Flowing Robes"). In spite of the fact the band lacked a truly distinctive lead singer (all five members sharing vocal duties), the shortcoming was somewhat compensated for via lots of tasty guitar (check out the meltdown rocker "Black Lily" and the introduction to "Canyon Woman" ... wonder why they faded the song out once the vocal track kicked in?). Interestingly, the standout tracks included the one outright psych number ("The Tree") and the LP's most atypical offering. "Fields of Love" would have made a dandy top-40 single.

Quatrain track listing:

1.) Fragments (Lekas & Lindsay)
2.) Unconquered Islands (Lekas)
3.) Flowing Robes (Lekas)
4.) Fields of Love (Lekas)
5.) Canyon Woman (instrumental) (Lekas)
6.) Rollin (Lekas)
7.) Black Lily (Lekas)
8.) Early Morning Company (Lekas)
9.) Ask Me No Questions (Lindsay)
10.) Try To Live Again (Lekas)
11.) Masquerade (Senneville)
12.) The Tree (Lekas)


Christopher - Christopher (1970 US Heavy Psych)

01. Dark Road
02. Magic Cycles
03. Wilbur Lite
04. In Your Time
05. Beautiful lady
06. Lies
07. Disasters
08. The Wind
09. Queen Mary
10. Burns Decision

Christopher includes: Richard Avitts (guitar); Doug Walden (bass).

10 tracks from the Houston-based band that started out as United Gas in 1968 - this is the only authorized recording made from guitarist Richard Avitts' & bassist Doug Walden's original master tapes.


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October 26th, 2006

06:24 pm - Various Artists: Ripples Volume 8: Butterfly
Blurb from a random website about this album:
Who'd have guessed that there were such a lot of British sixties acts who made sunshine pop that's as excellent as the Californian original? Admittedly, the harmony singing often isn't as immaculate as that of the Beach Boys, the Association or the Mamas of the Papas, and there's a couple of tracks here which are just as much 'positivo pop' as they are fully fledged sunshine pop, but even so, this is an utterly delightful
compilation. And the harmony singing is impressive all the same. Among the highlights: "It's all a put on" (the Onyx), "There is a mountain" (the Quiet World of Lea & John - see also our review of the "Here Lies Ebeneezer Goode" v/a compilation below), "Masquerade" (the Young Blood) and "Let's ride" (the Montanas), plus the 'era bombast' of "Homing in on the next trade wind" (the Bloomfields) and the nigh-corny "Show me how to live" (the Candy Dates) - no surreal psychedelia and hardly any dreamy popsike (even though John Christian Dee's "Take me along" features a great fuzzy guitar solo), but great, heartwarming sixties music! Best volume yet in the "Ripples" series, which has already focused on British 'beach pop' as well, a genre which the British were less good at than the kids from California. Will the next "Fading Yellow" volume be as good?

AMG's review of the album:
One would think that this series by Castle Music and Sequel Records would be starting to run out of steam after eight volumes, but there's no shortage of worthwhile sunshine pop and freakbeat-style sides on this 78-minute, 29-song CD. Opening with the beautiful yet punchy "One Way Street" by Floribunda Rose, this disc never lets the listener go; one wishes that more were known (like, anything at all) about the Blinkers, whose "Dreams Secondhand" manages to come within inches of sounding like a commercial jingle while still working in some intense fuzz guitar. There are some known quantities here, including Episode Six -- whose members harmonize the way Deep Purple never even tried -- the Tremeloes, and the Marmalade ("Butterfly"), plus one surprise in the form of a person famous in other venues trying her hand at music: Britt Ekland no less, working simply as Britt, gives listeners a kind of Nico-meets-Phil Spector amalgam in the form of "You Really Have Started Something." The Rainbow People may sound a little too upbeat, like the New Seekers trying to be perky -- and a song that sounds a little too much like the title song from The Partridge Family television show doesn't help -- but that's about as soft as anything gets here, and does little harm to the mood, juxtaposed with the Tremeloes' Beatle-esque, crunchy, and fuzz-laden "Gentleman of Pleasure." The Onyx's "It's All a Put On" shows that folk-rock still had its adherents as late as 1968 -- their ornate guitar and organ accompaniment covers for the retro feel of the single, which might've been a huge hit had it surfaced two year earlier. Gary Aston's "His Lordship" plays like a first-person rethinking of the Kinks' "A Well-Respected Man" without the irony, but there is a lot of unintended humor in its attempt at "angst." Nobody seems to know anything about Linsey Moore, which is a shame -- as a folksinger with a pop sensibility, she sounds (based on "Linsey's Song") as though she could've been another Mary Hopkin. Based on "With My Baby," John Galt deserved better than the anonymity he achieved, but two of his backing musicians, Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle, did find fame later on. Everything here is pleasant and most of it is extremely well played and well sung, with the best -- Ways & Means' beautifully ornate and crunchy "Sea of Faces" -- saved for next to last. It's all well mastered and very thoroughly annotated, and fun from beginning to end.

Album Cover:

Track List:
1 One Way Street by Floribunda Rose
2 Deams Secondhand by Blinkers
3 Time & Motion Man by Episode Six
4 You Really Have Started Something by Britt
5 Trinity Street by Two Of Each
6 (Walk Tall) Like a Man by New Faces
7 The Walk Will Do You Good by The Rainbow People
8 Gentlemen of Pleasure by The Tremeloes
9 Masquerade by Young Blood
10 De de Do Your Dance by Pussyfoot
11 Let's Ride by The Montanas
12 It's All a Put On by Onyx
13 Butterfly by Marmalade
14 His Lordship by Gary Aston
15 There Is a Mountain by Quiet World Of Lea & John
16 Linsey's Song by Linsey Moore
17 Standing Still by Anan
18 Close Your Eyes by Freshmen
19 Don't Hesitate by Val McKenna
20 With My Baby by James Galt
21 Don't Fool Yourself by John Summers
22 Show Me How to Live by Candy Dates
23 Take Me Along by Dee, John Christian
24 Mum and Dad by Pinkerton's Colours
25 Cynthia Serenity by Consortium
26 This Is to a Girl by Strawberry Jam
27 Ain't You Got a Heart by Tuesday's Children
28 Sea of Faces by Ways & Means
29 Homing in on the Next Trade Wind by Bloomfields


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October 24th, 2006

03:26 pm
I was posting this for others and figured that I'd stick it here in the other forum, too. Just in the off chance that people here enjoy some ambient music, also.

Andrew Chalk - Harvest

This album is essentially two tracks. It's the front and back side of a cassette tape. It is the reworkings of another source, Organum's Kanal Sessions. It's a nice little ambient set that I've always enjoyed.

Andrew Chalk has been working in the music industry since the mid-80s and has recorded with many respected members of the electronica and ambient world. He collaborated with DJ Darren Tate to form the group ORA (not the psychedelic band from the 60s). ORA has worked with many other individuals such as Jonathan Coleclough, Lol Coxhill, Colin Potter and Daisuke Suzuki. This group has put out numerous albums that can be found with relative ease. After working with this group for a bit, Chalk ventured on his own to do some more work as a solo artist.

This is just one of the albums that he's done while working solo.


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October 9th, 2006

04:33 pm

5° Grado Mercalli first hit the scene in 1972 and hail from Lombardia, Italy. They started out as a cover band and performed songs by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and New Trolls. But, in 1976 they split from the original lineup and, in 1977, with a new line-up, they begain again. They moved away from the cover scene and started playing original songs. The band performed in both Italian and in English, but they never signed a record deal and never released an official album. After their break up in 1989, a compilation of their songs were gathered and put onto a compilation cd called Raccolta Completa. I dunno why it's labelled as 1972, though.


cross posting this. Sorry if it appears multiple times, but I wanted to share it with you guys.

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December 7th, 2005

10:20 am

Hi Guys! Nice to join you cause when you're happy you want to share it with other people, especially when you know they understand you. Here's my intro.

When I was 5 my parents brought me to a music school, and it was the worst day in my life. I hated this school from the bottom of my heart, everyday I had to play for 3 hours. Now I'm grateful to my granny for this 6 years of pain. No perspiration, no inspiration...

1. name: Sandra Wizz

2. age: 21

3. favorite genre of music: classical, just rock itself, pop, pop-rock, psychedelic, progressive rock

4. favorite artists/bands: Janis Joplin, the Beatles, the Who, Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett himself, Queen and Freddy himself, Velvet Underground and Nico, Nazareth, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, William Joseph, Joss Stone, Dalida, Mariah Carey, Jean Michelle Jarre, Space and Hungarian music, such as Neo (if you've heard about Kontroll movie, nominated for Oscar 2 years ago) and Omega (their famous song from 1969 is Gyongyhaju Lany which means The Girl with Pearl Hair was sung by Scorpions as White dove fly with the wind, take our hope under your wings...) 

5. favorite songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop me know, Fairy Teller Master Stroke (all by Queen), Love me like there's no tomorrow (by Freddy Mercury), Shine On You Crazy Diamond, In the Flesh, Wish You Were Here, On the Turning Away (by Pink Floyd), Piece of my Heart (by Janis) and many many more

 6. songs or artists that have inspired you: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Hungarian dance #5 by Brahms, Within by William Joseph, Don't Stop Me Now, Les Temps des Cathedrales (French Musical Esmeralda)

I also love musicals such as Mamma Mia (ABBA songs), and calssical Jesus Christ Superstar (especially with Ian Gillan), Hair, Grease, Saturday Night Fever (well, it's not a musical, or it is).

Hope to meet new friends here.

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd

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November 7th, 2005

08:53 pm
Vote for Romak and the Space Pirates as best O.C. band. PLEASE! That's ..30. on that long list of stuff to vote for. Vote Here!

What? You've NEVER heard of them?!? Well go listen to them HERE!

They are by far one of my favorite bands. I wake up to them to start off my day. So check them out and vote for them. Thanks!

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July 2nd, 2005

03:42 pm
am more than overwelmed to see Pink Floyd, live on TV. I started to cry and I'm on the verge again just thinking about it. It is such an amazing experiance to see this. They are such a great band and the impact they put on our world is so great. This is one of the greatest experiances of my life and I will always remember it. I can't believe Pink Floyd is back. This is amazing.
I love music with all my heart, to the point where I can't even explain. It can change your mood in a matter of secounds. It made me cry. It greatly effects our every day life, how couldn't you just absolutely love it?
The people that create music are just ablsolutely amazing themselves, too.
Oh, there are no words to explain, as cheesy as that sounds.

Now I really want to watch the wall.

Current Music: Pink Floyd...live

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July 1st, 2005

02:25 pm - Hi
Hi Guys,
Here's my intro.
1. name: Caitlin
2. age: 15
3. favorite genre of music: Pop, classical
4. favorite artists/bands: Heather Hutchison, Billy Gilman
5. favorite songs: So many! Hello (Heather Hutchison), One Voice (Billy Gilman), A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton), etc etc.
6. songs or artists that have inspired you:
Heather and Billy inspire me, and so do many others.
I also wanted to post here because I'm betting some of you have or are interested in perfect pitch, so if you are either, please join
sorry if itn's not okay to promote here, I'll edit the entry if it's not.
Thanks, and hoep to meet some new friends here.

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